Case Study: How Company Reduced Costs Through IT Migration

How Company Reduced Costs Through IT Migration

This case study demonstrates how a public healthcare organization in Brazil reduced its costs by moving to Amazon Web Services.
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Case Study: How Company Reduced Costs Through IT Migration

Although the public healthcare system in Brazil is underfunded, private healthcare providers are very important. Financial cooperatives that provide loans and payment processing services are usually relied on by these facilities. A non-profit financial cooperative in Brazil realized that it had to enhance its IT infrastructure in order to serve its members better—hospitals, doctors, and nurses who together cater for over 215 million people across the country—so that they could easily manage payments and access money.
The cooperative had started using some AWS Cloud services but was held back by an expensive outdated on-premises data center that slowed down its growth. In line with this, SoftwareOne was engaged to lead a complete move into Amazon Web Services (AWS) towards being cloud native.

Modernization for a Demanding Market

The Brazilian healthcare market is huge and decentralized which makes it hard for the co-operative to effectively reach their membership especially in remote areas. The old infrastructure of the co-operative was not conducive to hosting contemporary applications such as internet banking systems or digital payment platforms so vital in competing against bigger banks; additionally, service interruptions caused by system delays were demoralizing workers while at the same time increasing costs associated with maintaining legacy software.

Strategic Cloud Migration with AWS

It became apparent to the co-operative that by undertaking a shift from its current location onto one based on Amazon Web Services (AWS) could speed up product development, decrease operational costs and conform to strict security/compliance requirements within various legislative bodies. SoftwareOne which had expertise in this kind of field was given mandate to review all information technology components owned by the hospital, identify anything which needed upgrading then come up with plan on how each item would be moved there step wise. Later they were also required give recommendations about what improvements should take place after completion of migration exercise.

SoftwareOne’s Way of Doing Things

SoftwareOne has had a system of two steps for three years . Within this time frame, there were two steps taken. The initial step was aimed at evaluating the corporation’s preparedness for moving to the cloud and building the required infrastructure. This included setting up AWS landing zone architecture, accounts, governance, security, compliance frameworks as well as providing training among others.
The second phase involved real migration where workloads were moved beginning with development and testing environments. This enabled the co-operative improve application resilience and agility through AWS automation services. SoftwareOne also offered managed cloud service which came with round-the-clock support and continual cost optimization.

Efficiency and Creativity Through Migration

It should be noted that 35% of the cooperatives cost have been saved after completing the first part of the migration. These savings were used for innovative purposes so that new digital financial services may be introduced to healthcare professionals facilitate clinical trials among other patient care improvement programs.

Roadmap for Software One

Their full-scale modernization project is expected to take three years while doing it all in cloud will see them migrate well over 600 servers , 100 platforms , 30 database servers alongside more than 200 micro-services. In fact already team spirit among members has been boosted since customer service delivery improved when initial applications with their related workloads migrated too. Additionally security standards for medical data compliance became an easier for the AWS cloud which these systems would otherwise not handle effectively due lack thereof enhancement in this line.


Conclusively, the collaboration of the cooperative with AWS and SoftwareOne can be considered as an important move towards their strategy being centered around the cloud through which they are able to give enhanced financial services to the health care industry. It did not stop at cutting down on the costs of IT but also created a foundation for future inventions that will see their members and even larger communities of health care providers in Brazil benefit. This non-profit making organization’s experience shows how vital it is for such bodies to adopt cloud technology so as to change their operational abilities in different fields besides remaining relevant among their colleagues.


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