case study Google Workspace to Office 365 Migration

Case Study Google Workspace to Office 365 Migration

Delve into our comprehensive Case Study – Google Workspace to Office 365 Migration that outlines a successful cloud transition journey.
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Case Study Google Workspace to Office 365 Migration

This case study provides a detailed account of how Fidelity Bank, a key player in the financial sector, successfully transitioned its cloud platform from Google Workspace to Office 365, enhancing its operational efficiency and technological capabilities.


Authorized by the Bank of Ghana in 2006, Fidelity Bank is the 22nd bank in Nigeria. Over the period, it has been growing fast to achieve ten on the list of leading banks in Nigeria. The paper covers the involvement of Fidelity Bank in a major switch of cloud platforms  from Google Workspace to Office 365. The necessity of this modification was felt by the bank, which was anxious to get more professional, superior cloud computing resources and Google Workspace wasn’t qualified to provide them.

case study Google Workspace to Office 365 Migration

Full case study – Google Workspace to Office 365 Migration. 

Migration was performed  by Dimension Data using the Cloudiway migration platform.


The most important point in the migration was to get it done within thirty days and to move all user data and accounts ( 2000 users and 5 terabytes). It was far from being an easy task especially with the large volume of data and the number of users involved.

Challenges faced during the migration

Data volume

The company had a tight deadline to migrate 5TBs of information. This was an extremely hard task as the moving of such big data volumes precisely without losing any of the data usually takes a long time.

Affected persons

The migration process must not involve downtime that will likely have an impact on the 2000 employees in the institutions. It is really worrying about the amount of income a financial institution can lose if their activities are stopped on a daily basis.

Data safety

First and foremost, the files’ safety should be looked after during their transmission. It was a matter of life and death that no files were lost or corrupted during the transfer. This required extra protective measures, for instance, encryption.


Once the documents were relocated from Google Drive, it was imperative to ensure that they maintained their initial permissions so that the whole operation could proceed without any interruptions and errors. 


In spite of the hurdles, the transition went very well. The entire process was carried out maintaining data security and reducing interruptions to the maximum extent. The bank has finally completed the project by means of its commitment to apply advanced technology for process optimization.

To sum up, this case study is a clear indication of Fidelity Bank’s successful migration from Google Workspace to Office 365. It clearly defines the bank’s strategy to utilize cutting-edge technology to go along with their operations and maximize the level of services rendered to their customers. 

The detailed case study of the Google Workspace to Office 365 Migration is available in the given link: Full Case study Google Workspace to Office 365 Migration.

 This case study is a guide to other institutions that are contemplating making a similar move and makes it clear that proper planning and execution are essential for success. No doubt about it, the accomplishment was a no easy task but the team pulled through. These great examples make the point that engagement improves efficiency in all respects because employees feel connected to organizational goals.

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