Top 8 SharePoint Migration Solutions in 2024


Top 8 SharePoint Migration Solutions in 2024

Discover the Top 8 SharePoint Migration Solutions of 2024!
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Many businesses rely on SharePoint to manage documents, collaborate on projects, and streamline workflows. During merging and acquisitions, you will need to migrate your SharePoint infrastructure to your new tenant.


This blog will guide you through the top 10 SharePoint migration solutions in 2024, helping you make an informed choice to ensure a smooth transition for your organization.

What Is SharePoint Migration and Why Should You Consider It?

SharePoint migration means moving your SharePoint data, files, applications, and other business elements from one SharePoint environment to another. This could be from an older version to a newer one or from an on-premises server to the cloud.

According to AxioWorks, over 80% of Fortune 500 companies use SharePoint. Many of these companies are also migrating to newer versions or the cloud to stay competitive and efficient. With such a high adoption rate, it’s clear that SharePoint migration is a trend worth considering.

But why should you consider migrating SharePoint?

Here are the reasons why should you consider SharePoint migration tools:

On-Premises move to Microsoft 365

If / when you are planning to move to Microsoft 365, it’s time to consider migrating your On-Premises servers to the cloud.

Merging and acquisitions.

You’ll need to migrate your SharePoint sites from one tenant to another.

Top 8 SharePoint Migration Solutions in 2024

Below is the list of top 8 SharePoint migration tools along with a brief description, features, pros and cons to help you find the perfect fit for your business.

Migrate to Microsoft 365
PCvita cloud backup and restore


The Microsoft SharePoint Migration Tool (SPMT) is a tool that helps you move content from your computer or from an old SharePoint site to a new SharePoint site in Microsoft 365.

It’s like moving to a new house! You pack up all your things (your content) and move them to a new house (the new SharePoint site).


  • Easy to Use: The SPMT is simple to use. It’s like a friendly helper who guides you through the whole process.
  • Supports Different Versions of SharePoint: The tool can help you move content from older versions of SharePoint (2010, 2013, 2016, and 2019) to the new Microsoft 365.
  • Moves Workflows: If you have workflows (set of instructions) created in SharePoint Server 2010 or SharePoint Designer 2010 & 2013, the tool can move them too.
  • Supports Different Authentication Methods: The tool can work with different ways of confirming your identity.
  • Planning and Assessment: The tool helps you plan your move and checks your old SharePoint site for any issues that might cause problems during the move.


  • The SPMT is user-friendly and easy to use.
  • The tool can move a lot of different types of content.
  • The tool has a lot of helpful features.


  • Limited customization options compared to third-party tools.

Pricing and plan

The best part is, the Microsoft SharePoint Migration Tool is free! So, you can start moving your content to your new SharePoint site in Microsoft 365 for free.

Cloudiway leader in Cloud Migration and coexistence
Cloudiway Sharepoint


Migrating your SharePoint site collections, file hierarchies, and permissions between SharePoint Online tenants should be easy, and Cloudiway’s tools make sure it is!

Built on the secure Azure framework, Cloudiway’s platform handles throttling and other issues, saving you time and effort during the migration.

Using the latest technology and APIs, Cloudiway ensures fast and simple migrations. It offers robust features and flexible options to maintain data integrity, permission levels, version histories, and metadata.


  • Delta Passes: Cloudiway supports various migration scenarios, such as big bang, staged, and cutover, using delta passes to ensure smooth transitions.
  • Data Filtering: Migrate only the data you need by filtering emails by date.
  • Automation: With complete REST API support, you can script your entire email migration process.
  • Permissions: Map and migrate your permissions, version history, metadata, manage illegal characters, and more.
  • Dashboard and Reporting: Use the dashboard and reporting tools to monitor your migration progress.
  • Security and Scalability: For strong security needs, you can request a dedicated instance or install the solution in your Azure tenant.


  • Reorganize, merge, or split your sites and choose which data to migrate.
  • Designed for integrators, offering advantages, price discounts, and advanced assistance.
  • Perform entire tenant migrations simultaneously, including mailboxes, drives, sites, and teams.
  • Keep track of your migration through the migration dashboards.


  • Difficult to migrate very large libraries.
  • Does migrate well highly customized sites.
  • Requires support assistance to solve migration issues.

 The starting price is $2000 for 5 sites. For more info visit Cloudiway’’s pricing page here.

Pricing and plan

Quest migration on demand
Quest SharePoint Migration


Content Matrix is a reliable and effective SharePoint migration tool. It’s well-known for providing businesses with a complete set of solutions, making planning and executing migrations to SharePoint Online or Office 365 smooth and efficient.

Content Matrix is adaptable and allows for easy content migration from various sources, including file systems, Exchange Public Folders, and different collaboration platforms.


  • Migration: Content Matrix can move content from older versions of SharePoint to newer ones or even to Microsoft 365. It’s like moving from an old house to a new one, but for your digital stuff!
  • Management: It helps businesses keep their SharePoint in sync with their needs. Imagine it as a digital organizer that keeps everything tidy and easy to find.
  • Security: Content Matrix also helps protect your SharePoint environment from threats. It’s like a digital security guard for your content.


  • It makes migrating SharePoint content easy.
  • It preserves important details like metadata, last editor, and last update.
  • It offers a lot of options.


  • Some users find the many options overwhelming.
  • It might not be the best choice for very complex migrations.
  • On Premises Solution.

Pricing and plan

Contact Quest or request a quote through your distributor.

Avepoint logo Cloud Migration


Avepoint Cloud Migration


AvePoint Fly is a migration solution.  Quickly move or consolidate your data from self-hosted or cloud-hosted mail, files, and collaboration systems into your Microsoft 365 cloud, or the latest SharePoint version.

Its advanced features and easy-to-use interface make transferring large data sets simple and efficient, ensuring no data loss during the transfer.


  • Only Migrate Necessary Content

  • Smooth Transition to Microsoft 365

  • Clean and Secure Your Data


  • One of the most advanced and best SharePoint migration tool.


  • Some users have found that getting help from AvePoint can be difficult.
  • Some users find AvePoint’s user interface a bit tricky to understand.

Pricing and plan

The cost of AvePoint can vary. Contact Avepoint to get a quote.

Pcvita cloud backup and restore
PCVita Sharepoint migration


PCVITA SharePoint Migration Tool is a handy tool that helps people move their important data from one place to another. 

Migrate SharePoint Online Site Content to Another Site With Ease


  • Perform Bulk SharePoint Migration
  • Apply Advanced Date Filter
  • Easily Map Users and Permissions
  • Track The Real-Time Progress


  • It has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to manage.
  • Simple to use


  • You need a computer with a lot of disk space and RAM to install and run the program.
  • On-Premises Solution.

Pricing and plan

Pricing starts at $495.

software suggest sharepoint migration
software suggest sharepoint migration


Dockit SharePoint Manager is a versatile migration tool for SharePoint. It simplifies tagging additional content and metadata with just one click, making migration tasks effortless. With Dockit SharePoint Manager, scheduling migrations, whether simple or complex, is a breeze.


  • Save Time: It helps automate routine tasks.
  • Increase Security: It helps increase data security and keep track of changes in your farm.
  • Track Changes: It helps track all the farm modifications made over time.
  • SharePoint Audit Log Reports: It provides an overview of changes on your farms and helps keep your data secure.


  • Simplifies tagging of content and metadata.
  • Facilitates easy scheduling of migrations.
  • Offers comprehensive inventory management features.
  • Provides time and expense tracking capabilities.
  • Streamlines workflow management processes.


  • Pricing information may not be readily available.
  • Some users may find the interface slightly complex.

Pricing and plan

Term / Subscription License: This costs $1,199 for 3 months.

For more pricing details, it’s recommended to contact Dockit directly.

Sharegate microsoft 365
Sharegate migrate microsoft 365


ShareGate is a tool that helps manage  and migrate to Microsoft 365. It’s like a helper for your computer that makes things easier. It can move content around, keep track of changes, and even help users do their work.

Reorganize SharePoint — Migrate gradually, schedule your migration, automate tasks and validate your migration. List existing content, catch potential errors, migrate at insane speeds, map your data.


  • Migration: It can move content from one place to another. This includes moving teams to another tenant and channels between teams.
  • Provisioning: It helps people create the workspaces they need in the right way.
  • Reporting: It can show you what’s happening in your tenants without needing to write scripts.
  • Automation: It can do everyday IT tasks automatically to clean up, organize, and secure your tenant.


  • It’s considered one of the best products for content migration in SharePoint.
  • It’s user-friendly and makes jobs much easier.
  • It retains file metadata when transferring data to a new SharePoint site.


  • Some users feel that it’s limited in some functionalities
  • Products update not very frequently.
  • Better reports export for permissions matrix and better user mapping are desired.
  • On-Premises solution.

Pricing and plan

The cost of ShareGate starts at $5,995 USD for 1 year. This includes unlimited end users, unlimited data migration, and unlimited support.

proventeq cloud migration
proventeq cloud migration


ProvenTeq is a top choice for businesses needing to move their SharePoint data smoothly and efficiently. It helps companies transfer their files from different places like file shares and web content management systems.

ProvenTeq stands out because it can handle even the trickiest data moves with no problem. It supports many types of data, including documents, lists, workflows, and permissions. This makes it perfect for businesses with a variety of data needs.


  • Content Analyser: This is like a detective that helps you understand your digital stuff better.
  • Migration Accelerator: This is like a super-fast moving truck for your digital stuff.
  • Content ClassiFile: This is like a smart organizer that puts your digital stuff in the right places.
  • Content Integrator: This is like a bridge that connects different types of digital stuff together.


  • It’s easy to use.
  • It works well with Microsoft 365.
  • It’s trusted by people in over 25 countries.


  • You need a computer with lots of space and power to use it.
  • Sometimes, it can be a bit slow when moving a lot of stuff.

Pricing and plan

To find out how much it costs, you can visit the ProvenTeq website or ask their sales team.

Summary Table

Here’s a table summarizing the functionalities, pros, and cons of each SharePoint migration tool:


Selecting the right SharePoint migration tool is crucial for ensuring a smooth and efficient transition of your data. Each of the top 10 tools highlighted in this blog offers unique features and benefits tailored to different business needs.

By carefully evaluating the pros, cons, and pricing of each tool, you can make an informed decision that will help your organization stay competitive and productive.





Microsoft SharePoint Migration Tool (SPMT)

Easy to Use, Supports Different Versions of SharePoint, Moves Workflows, Supports Different Authentication Methods, Planning and Assessment

User-friendly; Supports various content types; Helpful features

Limited customization options compared to third-party tools


Delta Passes, Data Filtering, Automation, Permissions Mapping, Dashboard and Reporting, Security and Scalability

Reorganize, merge, or split sites; Designed for integrators; Perform tenant migrations simultaneously; Migration dashboards

Difficult to migrate very large libraries.

Does migrate well highly customized sites.

Requires support assistance to solve migration issues.

Content Matrix

Migration from various sources, Management, Security

Easy migration; Preserves metadata; Extensive options



Control, Safety, Efficiency, Insights

Multiple daily backups; "Set and forget" functionality

Difficult support

Tricky user interface


Unified migration solution, supports multiple platforms, regular feature updates.

User-friendly, supports both Windows and Linux, major mail and collaboration programs backup.

High system requirements.


Dockit SharePoint Manager

Save Time, Increase Security, Track Changes, SharePoint Audit Log Reports

Simplifies tagging; Easy scheduling; Comprehensive inventory management; Time and expense tracking

Pricing information not readily available; Slightly complex interface

Lightning Migrator

High-Performance Capabilities, Pre-Migration Scanning, Automated Permission Mapping, Incremental Migrations

Efficient for large-scale projects; Pre-migration scanning; Simplified permission mapping; Supports incremental migrations

Might not work well with certain platforms; Limited customization options


Content analyser, migration accelerator, content classiFile, content integrator.

Easy to use, integrates well with Microsoft 365, widely trusted.

High system requirements, potential slowness in large migrations.

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